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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section. We appreciate your interest and hope that you find what you need below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Body Part Installation Facts

  Due to the nature of the body panels and the manufacturing process involved and transportation of the sheet metal products you receive they may have minor scratches, dings, small dents and other minor imperfections which are considered normal. These imperfections are easily corrected during the initial filling, priming, blocking and sanding on your restoration. We do not consider dings, minor dents, scratches or any other minor imperfection to be defective or damaged for the above mentioned reason, nor does scratched primer or over spray on a item constitute a defective part. All sheet metal, body panels, etc.... will require some preparation and manipulation during installation for a quality fit and finish.

 Please be aware the tolerances on classic trucks were nowhere near today’s standards. The assembly line process was done by hand during the construction of these trucks not by robots as found on current assembly lines. This process resulted in deviations in one vehicle to another which end up quite often making mounting points and bolt holes unique to each vehicle. Due to this there is no way that every part can be considered a direct bolt in replacement and you should anticipate having to use shims, elongate holes, etc….. to achieve the fit and finish desired. This also means you may need to adjust adjacent body panels to the new part or parts in order to achieve the best fit possible due to the manufacturing variances and differences from 1 truck to another that occurred during manufacturing. 

 Years of hard heavy use, neglect, previous body work or damage, weathering and rusting can further exacerbate the issues with the body you will be attaching the parts on. We recommend you hire professionals with the knowledge, tools, skills and experience needed to install your new body panels. 

 Left hand side = Driver Side, 

Right hand side = Passenger Side

Brake Line Shipping Bends

Shipping bends are required to ship all lines over 6 feet in length. This bend is a large-radius bend that is the same as a 5 gallon bucket. The tubing is not stressed so the bend is easily straightened to the original form. To remove the shipping bend, simply unroll the section marked between the tags on a flat surface such as a table or garage floor. Use the floor as a straight edge. Whatever gentle bend is left, straighten by hand. When the tube is straight you are done.

Do I need a dual master and proportioning valve if my car has been converted to disc brakes?

Yes. Disc and drum brakes require different pressures. Disc brakes require about 1000 lbs. of pressure and drum brakes use about 300 lbs. This is why the dual master requires a proportioning valve to control the pressure in the system. Whether the car is disc front or all wheel disc, a proportioning valve is required.


NOS= (New Old Stock) New GM original part

EDP= Electro-deposit primer, which is a method of attaching primer to bare steel by electrically charging it. This process has been tested in 500 hours of salt spray with no corrosive effects. The only surface preparation required is scuffing of surface for better paint adhesion before painting. These parts are protected from rust as long as EDP coating remains under the paint.


All literature, including books, manuals, diagrams, and printed materials are non-returnable due to the nature of the material included.  Truck Freight Items, Electrical parts, Carpet, Upholstery, drop suspension parts, under-bed conversion tanks and all special order items shipped direct from Manufacturer are non-returnable.



GMCPauls Truck Parts
505 Adams Drive / Rockville, IN / 47872

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