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60-66 Suspension
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( Does not include oversized bulky items with a fixed shipping cost or truck freight items,  offer applies to the continental USA.
WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm -

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Left = Drivers Side, Right = Passengers Side
Part # Description Price Quantity
1960-62 Front Grill Panel  Each
60-61grillpanel.jpg (11685 bytes)
1960-62 Chevy & GMC front grill support panel. Original heavy gauge steel, excellent reproduction of the original. Comes with a EDP applied black primer finish. Ships Oversized II. $400.00

1964-66 Front Grill Panel  Each
64-66frontgrillpanel.jpg (39765 bytes)
1964-66 Chevy & GMC front grill support panel. Original heavy gauge steel, excellent reproduction of the original. Comes with a EDP applied black primer finish. Ships Oversized II. $400.00

1960-66 Chevy Parking Light Housing   Each
60-66parkinglighthousing.jpg (73643 bytes)
1960-66 Chevrolet parking light housing. Left=Right Sold separately, 2 required per truck specify quantity in cart.  $20.00

1960-66 Battery Tray Assembly       Each
60-66edpbatterytray.jpg (13906 bytes)
1960-66 Chevy & GMC battery tray assembly, exactly like original, replaces your corroded & damaged original perfectly. Coated in a black EDP primer for greater corrosion resistance. Does not include hold-down & hardware. $48.00

1960-66 Battery Tray Hold-Down Bracket  Each
1159512 1960-66 Chevy & GMC battery tray hold-down bracket. EDP primered black for greater corrosion resistance. $12.00

1962-66 Chevrolet Steel Hood   Currently Back Ordered Awaiting A ETA Each
62-66Hood.jpg (84673 bytes)
1962-66 Stock Steel Hood. Precise Reproduction of the 1962-66 Chevy Hood, Every Hood Has A Full Inner Frame And Outer Skin Exactly Like Original. Uses all factory mounting hardware. Highest quality reproduction hood available that fit just like the originals! This hood can also be used on 1960-61 model Chevrolets. Don't waste time and effort installing cheap parts. Insist on GMCPauls for quality. **TRUCK FREIGHT ONLY** . TRUCK FREIGHT is a minimum of $150.00 to a Commercial Freight Business Address, shipping is a additional $50.00-$100.00 more to a limited business address, farm, rural or residential address's. If shipping is any higher than this we will contact you for approval on the shipping costs. Ships direct from manufacturer supplier. $885.00

60-66 Hood Hinge Each
60-66hoodhinge.jpg (4623 bytes)
60-66 Hood Hinge. Springs are not included. Specify Left or Right In Cart. $58.00

60-66 Radiator Support Each
60-66radiatorsupport.jpg (18571 bytes)
60-66 Radiator Support. GM RESTORATION PART. SHIPS UPS OVERSIZED II. $180.00

1960-66 Upper Front Radiator Baffles  Each
upperfrontradiatorbaffle.jpg (45804 bytes)
1960-66 Upper front radiator baffles. Just like original, comes with a EDP applied black primer finish. Select side needed in cart. $52.00

FRONT FENDER STEEL                                         Each
60-66fender.jpg (20224 bytes)
1960-66 Front fender top quality, original gauge steel. Exactly like original. Specify Left or Right. SHIPS UPS Oversized II. $212.00

60-66 Inner Fender Each
60-66innerfenders.jpg (46475 bytes)
60-66 Inner Fender. Heavy Gauge Steel EDP Coated.  SHIPS UPS Oversized II. $162.00

1964-66 Steel Door Shell  Each
64-66door.jpg (11357 bytes)
1964-66 Chevy & GMC steel door shell. complete door shell without any hardware installed. EXCELLENT QUALITY, These are made exactly like original using original gauge steel with a EDP coated black primer applied, excellent fit. Long awaited and finally available. Ships truck freight. Specify Left or Right in cart. $685.00

1964-66 Complete Cab Floor W/O Transmission Cover Cutout    Each
63-66ompletecabfloor.jpg (132304 bytes)
1964-66 Complete truck cab floor  $900.00



GMCPauls Truck Parts
505 Adams Drive / Rockville, IN / 47872

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